Will my insurance cover the treatment?
Dr. Bleemer's office will contact your insurance company and get all the correct insurance information for you. If your insurance covers chiropractic care, we will bill them. Most often there is some type of co-payment the patient is responsible for and maybe a deductible that needs to be met.

Every policy is different. We cannot tell you if you're covered without a copy of your insurance card and some other information.

What about motor vehicle accidents?
Yes, Dr. Bleemer has worked with a number of patients with and without attorneys and the patients have benefitted by her care.


How much time do I need for treatment?
The first visit can be rather long, 60-90 minutes with the doctor. Dr. Bleemer takes a full medical history and performs a complete physical exam.The second visit runs about 30-45 minutes. You and the doctor go over her findings from the first visit's exam. You are free to ask Debra whatever questions you may have. The first adjustment is usually done at the second visit. The second and third visit may take 15-20 minutes allowing the patient time to ask questions, talk to the doctor about what they are experiencing with their chiropractic adjustments and any other information the patient or doctor may want to share.Subsequent visits can be as quick as 6-10 minutes, the "Express Appointment" or the normal visit is about 15 minutes.

What is the Express Appointment?
The "Express Appointment" is a quick in and out appointment designed to accomodate patients on their way to or from work or who want to get adjusted during their lunch break. There are certain hours dedicated to this type of appointment. It's for established patients who Dr. Bleemer has already seen a number of times and has a good sense of what that patient needs. The appointments will be scheduled so there is no wait time. Patients can always ask for an "Express Appointment" anytime of day.

How long do I usually have to wait to see the doctor?
Debra hates to wait too. She tries to book her patient so there is not a wait of longer than 10 minutes. Actually, she tries to schedule so there is no wait at all but sometimes things happen and you may have to wait 5-10 minutes.

Are my records kept in private?
Your privacy receives utmost importance. We are HIPPA compliant